Dissolution of Marriage
Dissolution of marriage cases are the traditional divorce cases. The typical issues are child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), property division, restraining orders and the right of a party to obtain an order from the court to have the other spousal pay part of his/her attorneys fees. There are also proceedings (motions and orders to show cause) to establish temporary orders, including restraining orders (stay away, personal conduct, residence exclusion, exclusive use and occupancy, child and spousal support, attorneys fees and other such orders).

There are, however, a vast array of other issues and sub-issues. There can be jurisdictional issues: which court in which state should be the one to make appropriate orders regarding the children where the parents reside in different states at the time of the dissolution. Apportionment issues: where one spouse, either before or after marriage, uses his/her separate property to make the down payment on a home, and now seeks reimbursement for this contribution, or even to have the court hold that the house is his or her separate property rather than community property. Domestic violence issues: has the conduct of one of the spouses become so extreme that he/she is entitled to restraining orders which are directly enforceable by the police for the protection of the person protected by such orders. Fraud issues: did one of the spouses take undue advantage of the other such that the disadvantaged person has a basis to have the court set aside previous orders and make new orders which are more fair.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you some idea of the complexities of family law litigation. At least half of my law practice over the past 38 years has been devoted to a favorable resolution of these and numerous other legal issues in divorce cases, and it takes someone with experience, knowledge, strength, courage, aggressiveness when necessary, sensitivity when necessary and many other special and specially developed qualities to be your divorce lawyer. I believe I am that person, and I have handled hundreds of dissolutions and dealt with hundreds of different legal issues.

I believe my most special quality is the ability to listen, not only with my ears and brains but also with my heart, to your needs, which are not just legal and financial, but also emotional. Divorce is at best a very painful and disruptive experience. My goal is to help you to minimize the pain and maximize the gain.